About Kazen Kai

What does Kazen Kai mean?

Kazen translates into English as ‘natural result’. This encompasses the spirit we adopt when practicing martial arts. With hard work and dedication, natural results will be accomplished.
Kai translates into English as ‘School’. Therefore, Kazen Kai is the school of natural results.

When was Kazen Kai established?

The Kazen Kai Martial Arts Association was formed in 2001, when Sensei Kidd and his other instructors felt that the time had come for them to leave the Ishinryu Karate Association and to further develop their own style of teaching. In 2002 we opened our first fulltime Martial Arts Centre in Hutton, Brentwood. Since then Kazen Kai has gone from strength to strength with many clubs across Essex, including two additional fulltime Martial Arts Centres in Chelmsford and Harlow and as well as additional clubs in Kent and the North East of England.
Kazen Kai is one of the founder members of the English Karate Federation (EKF) which is the National Governing Body for Karate in England.

What Martial Arts disciplines do we offer?

At Kazen Kai we practice traditional Karate with our grading system, WUKF competition karate with our squad sessions, Kick Boxing and Taekwondo.

Kazen Kai's Chief Instructor - Sensei Simon Kidd

Sensei Simon Kidd commenced training in 1972 under the guidance of his late father Sensei Fred Kidd and Sensei Timmy Francis at the Barking and Dagenham Ishinryu Karate Club. During his competitive career Sensei Kidd has represented both Great Britain and England at both Junior and Senior level and has won numerous individual and team titles in both Kata and Kumite, including several National Titles. The highlight of his competition career was winning gold as a member of the Great Britain team in the World Championships in 1988. In 2001, Sensei Kidd was honoured with the prestigious award of ‘Coach of the Year’ by Brentwood Borough Council in recognition of his impressive coaching career.
In 2014 Sensei Simon Kidd was awarded his 7th Dan.

Kazen Kai Headquaters

Kazen Kai Martial Arts HQ
The Martial Arts Centre
Bannister Drive
CM13 1YX

0800 1830383/ 01277 262800